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01 Features of KMS200


· Printing Hemochart automatically and Mange patients' weight

   Manage patient data easily at nursing station and doctor's monitor via network


· Reducing nursing staffs' workloads

  Print and store patient's weight, name, gender, age chart number, dry weiht, vascular access, UF, EPO, BP, BFR,

  DFR, HEP and other preseciptions


· Hemochart

Print and store patient's information in a way of Hemochart format 

Manage Hemochart Manage patients schedule




02 System structure of KMS200



· Product demension

Model KMS-200

1,000(W) X 1,000(D) X 1,300(H)

Weight 130kg
Electricity 220VAC, 60Hz
Scale range 10g ~ 300kg
Accuracy 10g
Temperature that the system works 0 ~ 70℃
Scale model CI-2010A (CAS)


Kohung Building 2nd floor, 37 Opaesan-ro 30 gil, Gangbuk-gu,

Seoul, 142-800, South Korea.

Phone: 82-2-988-7113

Email: bmvitek@bmvitek.com