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1. Feature and benefit of FIR


FIR(Far Infra Red) is helping protect patients' AVF/AVG
· Help Improve AVF/AVG's opening and endurance 
· More effective than conventional heating method like heating pad
· No side effect such as infection, thermal injury, and AVF/AVG supression
· Reduce pain from hematoma and puncture  
· Increase blood circulation, then help treat for muscle and joint pain 


FIR(Far Infrared) is more effective on followings

· Patients who have just made AVF/AVG and started dialysis
· Patients who have not sufficient blood flow 
· Patients who have Steal Syndrome
· Patients who is showing stenosis syndrome 



FIR uses when making fistula

· Help find small vessel when operating, because FIR make blood vessel expand
· Make operation easier due to increased elasticity of blood vessel
· Help patients' comfortness when operatiing


FIR uses when recovering after operation

· It is the best time to start using FIR
· Reduce pain and infection of a operating site, and reducing recovery time
· Reducing stenosis and thrombosis around AVF


FIR uses when dialysis

· Reduce pain stemming from Venopuncture
· Increase Kt/V due to fostering blood flow
· Reduce pain during dialysis due to decreased venous pressure
· Relieve and ease muscle cramp when performing dialysis


FIR uses after dialysis

· Reduce Venopuncture hematoma and make scar cure faster
· Reduce feeling of fatigue after dialysis
· Help reduce muscle and joint pain because of enhanced blood circulation
· Help PAOD(Peripheral Arterial Occlusive Disease) reduce for diabetic patients, and help recover from foot



How to operate FIR

· Open AVF/AVG region of patients completely
· Keep treating distance at 20-30㎝
· Keep the control button to "strong"
· 40 minutes are the basic treating time per session
· Make FIR finish at least 40 minute before ending up dialysis
· Use FIR every treatment and every patients for maximizing clinical effects



2. Clinical effect of FIR


Change of patency of AV fistula 



Change of Blood Flow


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