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DMS, Dialysis Management System, is the system that produce dialysate centrally and deliver it automatically to dialysis machine during dialysis treatment.



1. Feature and benefit of DMS200


· Saving nursing staffs workload (No need to deal with dialysate jugs)

· Saving costs, especially Online HDF environment

· Copping emergeny rapidly (30~ 60 second faster response)
· Reduing standby time when starting dialysis
· Reduing unnecessay alarm of dialysis machines

· Easily interchangable to individual dialysate systems 
· Compact size (Installable at R/O room)



2. Consistency of the system, DMS200



· Mixing volume per 1 time 

- A soultion: 100ℓ / Bsolution: 120ℓ


· Systems' characteristics

- Dialysate solution measurement: A(Ph) / B(Conductivity)
- Displaying the status of dialysate producing, storaging,

   supplying at mixer display board and monitor
- Producing dialysate and managing Ph and conductivity
- Disinfect system and pipe automatically
- Equipped micro filter at mixter and storage filter


· Disinfections

- Disinfect mixer and tank regularly  
- Disinfect mixer and tank using peracetic acid




· Dialysate storage volume

  - A solution: 300L (Possible to choose 600L)

  - B solution : 300ℓ (Possible to choose 600L)


· System structure

- Low pressure and continuous circulating system

  (Maintain conductivity and composition evenly at all time)
- Equipped micro filter(0.5uF)




· Wall box connects CDS and dialysis machine

  - Equipped Regulator/One-touch connector
  - Supplying dialysate and regulating pressure

    and volume
  - Disinfecting supplying tube
  - Converting to individual dialysis system(IDS)

     when needed




· Nursing station monitor

  - Displaying dialysate volume 
  - Displaying operating status of the system

    (Mixing and supplying status)
  - Displaying error when occurred
  - Displaying disinfection steps



3. Safety structure of DMS200


· Equipped Microfilter: MIXER (0.5uF) / STORAGE TANK (0.5uF)
· Disinfect tank after mixing and supplying dialysate with R/O water
· Disinfect tank and pipe regularily by peracetic acid

· Alarming at nursing station when storage volume is shortened
· Regular system service calls to prevent emergency (BEFORE Service) 


Kohung Building 2nd floor, 37 Opaesan-ro 30 gil, Gangbuk-gu,

Seoul, 142-800, South Korea.

Phone: 82-2-988-7113

Email: bmvitek@bmvitek.com